You may require electrical work to rewire your home or replace an old fuse box with a new circuit breaker to accommodate additional appliances or additions. We install, connect, test, and maintain electrical systems for a variety or any of your needs, including climate control, security, and communications.

• Service upgrades from 100 amps and greater
• Electrical panel replacements
• Aluminium wiring repairs
• Emergency lighting
• Hard wired smoke and CO2 alarms
• Exterior lighting
• Recessed lighting (pot lights)
• Fluorescent office/home lighting
• Under cabinet lighting
• Skylight electronic controls
• Remote controls and wireless technology (New Home automation)
• Trouble shooting, repair and replace
• Installation of cables and hook-ups
• Splitters/amplifiers and related
• Thermostats and humidistat
• Electric heaters
• Bathroom exhaust fans
• Kitchen exhaust range hoods
• Electronic air cleaners
• Ceiling fans/Light fixtures/chandeliers
• Electrical Safety inspections