Your plan

“A house is made with walls and beams. A home is made with love and dreams.”

- Dr. William A Ward 

Imagine, Plan, Construct


Your great ideas, come to life when planning with our team.
It all begins with your plan, a plan that suits your needs, giving you confidence and control of your renovation. Together we revive your space infusing it with vitality and energy, respecting your vision, your needs, we strive to exceed your expectations.


You need a complete team for your project to be fulfilled. Whether renovating or restoring the Carlyle team provides you with many areas of expertise; plumbing, electrical and carpentry. We love restoration work too!

Set up a meeting with us to explore your options, we can help you bring your imagination to life, to plan, to
construct your dreams.


Imagine, plan and construct, you have a project,we have expertise that brings your project to life!

Your Carlyle team has diverse skills, for your diverse needs:

• Plumbing, electrical, carpentry
• Interior & exterior remodelling and refinishing
• Custom kitchens & bathroom design and installation
• Windows, doors, exterior cladding & painting
• Renovations with heart and soul.

Planning tips:

Do your research: We can help you with options for materials you wish to use, the colour scheme, the use you want for the space; it will make the process easier for you and our team.