Bathroom renovation, Renovation salle de bain

Bathroom Renovation

Stakes of a bathroom renovation are high. They have to be hyper-functional and practical. And ideally, luxurious.

They suffer from wear and tear and as times goes by and circumstances change, your priorities as homeowner change too. What once was a functional bathroom for a family with small children, might not work any more for someone who might be thinking of retirement.

bathroom renovation high end tiling, rénovation salle de bain carrelage haut de gamme

Things to consider when renovating a bathroom

There are many reasons why bathroom remodelling can be complex and expensive. Working around or moving existing services can be challenging. You have to consider storage space and traffic flow around. Achieving flattering lighting can be especially difficult in a bathroom. Selecting the finishing materials, such as tile, grout, glass, fixtures, cabinets, etc., that work together is no easy task.

When budgeting for a bathroom renovation, remember that fixtures and plumbing are the biggest ticket, followed by surfaces and cabinets.

And don’t forget, when undergoing a major renovation, you want to address everything that might become an issue later on.

bathroom renovation contemporary marble, rénovation de salle de bain contemporaine en marbre
bathroom renovation contemporary, rénovation de salle de bain contemporaine

We can help on your bathroom renovation

When you decide to invest in your bathroom, you have to keep in mind that it is an investment. Not every upgrade offers a positive return. A smart renovation, includes though, planning an exceptional workmanship.

As a rule of thumb, a master bathroom should cost between 5 to 10% of your home’s value.

If you are looking to remodel your bathroom, look no further. We design, rebuild and remodel your bathroom from start to finish. We only work with trusted subcontractors that not only offer the highest workmanship but also guarantee their work.

When you work with us you get a professional team at your service, capable of completing your project from A to Z and access to our partners and suppliers who offer the highest quality, service and price.

Make sure to contact us for a consultation.

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