There are three basic approaches to landscape design for a residential home. The first is the green lawn design with bordering flowerbeds and the occasional tree. This is a simple, no-risk approach often chosen by contract neighbourhood home builders. The second is highly stylised, showing off landscaping design and artist with little consideration for use of the yard space. The last is highly personalised, focusing on creating an outdoor lifestyle that reflects the preferences of the resident.

As a homeowner, you can design a landscape that perfectly balances lifestyle, artistry, and long-term ROI design in the green yard space surrounding your home. You don’t have to stick with the plain-jane lawn design or lose lifestyle opportunities to arboreal artwork. You can design the perfect meeting of lifestyle, beauty, and home value when working with an expert design-build general contractor.

Of course, it all starts with your vision and the lifestyle you want to create. Today, we’re diving into the steps you can take to plan a landscape that balances beauty, lifestyle, and long-term ROI. All in one beautiful outdoor design.

Define Your Style in Landscaping Aesthetic

Start by deciding what you think is beautiful in landscape design. Do you like flowering trees or open green spaces? Do you like shady paths of stepping stones and hidden reading nooks? Or would you rather a sprawling barbecue space for big parties of neighbours and family?

Perhaps you like vibrant reds and yellows in flowering plants. Or a cool colour palette in flowers and greenery with a blue hue. You may like whimsical winding pathways of stepping stones or to see your yard organised in geometric flower beds and rectangular shapes. Perhaps you prefer a fluffy yard of bushes and flowers or the elegant space of lawn between solitary trees.

Each family has its own preference for the look of a perfect yard. Define your landscaping aesthetic to know the style you’ll be designing with.

Design Your Lifestyle Choices Through Landscaping

Of course, the true joy of custom landscaping is creating your ideal outdoor lifestyle. Whether you love swinging hammocks or smoking grills (or both!) you can create the perfect outdoor experience with your landscaping design. Your family might have a unified idea of the ideal landscape design or you can design a little something for everyone.

Outdoor lifestyles are as diverse as the people who design them. You might turn your landscaping into a scenic walking path to loop again and again. Or you might create winding paths with hidden arboreal nooks for quiet relaxation. You can craft your back patio and the surrounding area into the perfect space for filling and family outdoor dining. Or design your yard into the best possible dog playland for you and your favourite furry friends.

Perhaps you would adore a sculpted garden patch for vegetables and fresh herbs, or beautiful spaces to grow your prize-winning flowers. You might choose a landscape design that is extremely low maintenance so you can enjoy it without worrying about regular care.

Decide the perfect place to hang a hammock in a leafy shade. Or choose the perfect tree to build a tree-house with its own flower boxes to accent the flowerbeds below. Your outdoor lifestyle preferences can be used to shape and define your ideal landscape design.

Architect planning a house's landscaping design, sketching and designing on paper
Landscape Architect designing a backyard. Please review my other landscape graphic drawing photographs.

Supporting the Property With Landscaping Techniques

Once you’ve decided on the beauty and purpose of your landscaping design, the next step is to ensure your design supports the property. Not many homeowners know how important landscaping is in terms of rainwater drainage and foundation care. Fortunately, experienced design-build contractors know how to look at the big picture. And ensure that your dream landscaping design also supports the needs of your property.

Sloping and levels are what determines healthy drainage around your property. When it rains or even in the event of a burst pipe, good drainage design determines whether your property floods or safely directs the water to nearby storm drains and drainage fields. The moisture and soil quality of your landscaping also determine the long-term integrity and maintenance of your home foundation. When your landscaping properly directs moisture, the soil around your foundation remains stable and your basement or lower levels remain dry and uncracked.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to know anything about these landscaping structural choices when you work with experts who understand how landscaping and home maintenance work together.

Ensuring Long-Term ROI in Your Landscaping Design

When making semi-permanent changes to your landscaping, you also want to consider the long-term ROI in terms of home value. Landscaping plays a large role in the perceived and actual value of your home when it comes time to sell. The right landscaping will not only make you happy today. It will also inspire future buyers to value your home more highly. Beautiful landscaping in the front garden improves curb appeal which increases the wow factor of your home at the very first glance.

Lifestyle landscaping in the backyard is also a major selling point for buyers who share their passion for landscaping style. Buyers who love to grill will adore your landscaped barbecue escape. While buyers looking for outdoor relaxation will love your arboreal retreat design. Professional landscape design also places your property head-and-shoulders above properties that still sport the standard blank green lawn of your average residence.

Lastly, landscaping designed to support the property will save you and future buyers accumulative thousands in yearly maintenance costs. When your landscaping protects the foundation and prevents flooding, each heavy rain is an opportunity to avoid repair costs. Further stacking the ROI value of great professional landscaping.

Enjoy Your New Landscape Today and into the Future

Choosing to upgrade your home’s landscaping is not just a decision for today. It’s a decision that will affect your enjoyment of the home for every day in the foreseeable future. When your landscaping supports your lifestyle, you can enjoy your home’s outdoor spaces every day and relax in your garden every evening with greater joy because the landscape matches your preferred style. And when it comes time to sell the house, your future buyers will share your joy. Choosing your home over others because the landscaping itself reflects their idea of happiness just as it has made you happy for years.Custom landscaping increases your enjoyment of the home, supports your lifestyle, increases your home value, and even decreases your long-term maintenance costs. To begin your design-build landscaping plan, Contactez-nous today. Our landscaping experts look forward to working with you to create the perfect outdoor design for your lifestyle and long-term ROI.

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