The kitchen is the centre of every home. The design and appearance of the kitchen define the personality of the entire home and the experience of living there. We’ve all lived somewhere with a poor kitchen design and seen kitchens that would be a dream to cook in. Finding your dream kitchen is often the selling point when buying a house. And renovating for your dream kitchen is often the first home improvement project taken on by any homeowner. Of course, the way you remodel a kitchen isn’t just for this year or even this decade. Your new kitchen design could be shaping the home experience for many years to come.

This is why it’s so important to consider essential concepts and timeless designs when remodeling your kitchen. Let’s spotlight how to create your kitchen design with 2030 future trends, residents, and buyers in mind.

Timeless vs Trendy in Kitchen Design

Everyone remembers the rooster kitchens of the 1960s. A design that lasted in unremodeled kitchens for many decades after the trend fell out of style. Eventually, kitchens with roosters and gingham printed on the tile were hopelessly dated. And often a little cramped in the design of times gone by. In your own modern kitchen remodel, why create a kitchen that will date itself in just a few years?

Going with the hottest trends isn’t always the best choice, in fact, it rarely is. From pasta arms to built-in air fryers, there’s no guarantee that your next family generation or future home buyers will be as delighted with today’s hot kitchen trends as today’s home and garden audience.

The key to designing a kitchen that will increase home value for a decade or longer is to focus on timeless style, functional design, and a space that is a joy to cook in no matter the year or latest kitchen trends. A space with some flexibility for kitchen gadgets is also a smart way to look at trends. Instead of building everything directly.

The Kitchen Triangle Principle

Every kitchen focuses on three essential spaces when preparing a meal: the refrigerator, the stove, and the sink. Together, they are called the Kitchen Triangle design or sometimes The Golden Triangle. The Golden Triangle is part of the core design principle of any kitchen that is a joy to cook in. Too little space between each point and you feel cramped. Too much and you walk unnecessary miles from point to point over a week of meal preparation.

Each leg of The Golden Triangle should be between four and nine feet. No shorter or longer, to create a comfortable cooking space. If you plan to make a major change to the location of the stove, sink, or refrigerator, do so in favour of the triangle. Your kitchen will always be a joy to cook in no matter what stylistic changes are made in future renovations. 

Combining Form and Function

The next consideration is how each renovation choice you make contributes to the function of the kitchen. Replacing the backsplash is not only a stylistic choice. But you should also ensure the new backsplash design is equally or more functional than the one you’re replacing. Redesigning the cabinetry is more than an aesthetic choice, though cabinets make a large visual area in the kitchen. New cabinetry should also provide better-designed storage than the cabinets that went before.

When you design with both form (style) and function in mind, your renovations will always add value to the home. Any artistic renovation also has the potential to make your kitchen more enjoyable and functional beyond beauty alone.

Construction workers working on a kitchen remodeling project.

A Complimentary Colour Scheme

Consider your colour scheme carefully. A timeless kitchen is one that is beautiful in any time period and among any popular fads. Consider a kitchen colour palette that compliments the entire house and the existing interior design. Instead of focusing on the latest colour trends for today’s kitchens, look for a neutral colour palette that makes the kitchen more welcoming to any resident or visitor who might come to cook. 

Neutral colors like blue-grays and warm pastels are not only popular, they also have a lasting quality that goes beyond accent-wall trends and colour splashes. For splashes of colour, look to drawer hardware, repaintable walls, and countertop decorations that are more easily replaced than cabinetry or appliance colours. The better your kitchen colours flow into the colours that define the rest of the home’s decor, the more naturally it will be seen as a lasting and timeless design choice.

Timeless Tiles and Cabinetry

A timeless kitchen design is also essential for your choices of permanent installments like tiles and cabinetry. Tiles of the kitchen floor and backsplash strongly define the style of a kitchen. Remember the dated rooster tiles of sixties-era kitchens and how we all learned from that lesson. Geometric shapes or pleasantly abstract designs are often more lasting than more distinct or themed choices of tile.

Your cabinet designs are easy to make timeless with flattering neutral colours or stains and classic cabinet door designs. From straight modern corners to modest farmhouse bevels, cabinet doors subtly define the personality of your kitchen. Providing both prominent form and everyday function.

Adding Kitchen Features Built to Last

If you’re planning to install new custom kitchen features or appliances, consider how long they will be useful or trendy. A second sink on the island is infinitely useful to you and future chefs in the home. But that built-in air fryer might be less delightful a decade from now. Other choices like installing a small wine fridge, a mixer arm, or a trash compactor should be considered carefully within the design of the kitchen. Think of how these installations will improve the value of your home and kitchen in the long run.

If you design something like special cabinetry for your coffee maker and supplies, consider how this nook might also be used in other ways. The same cabinetry might make a lovely place for a tea kettle or even a blender for a future smoothie-making ritual. The more functional your unique kitchen features are designed to be, the longer they will add value to the home.

Chef’s Pantry Organiser Design

If you have built-in pantry space or are planning to build a pantry, consider advanced storage options. Today, deep unlit shelves are less useful than a chef’s pantry complete with basketed organisation or sliding racks that make the most of storage space for diverse ingredients. Building a chef’s pantry is a smart way to invest in the long-term value of your storage space.

Planning a Complete Kitchen Design with a Design-Builder Team

Few of us are born with the ability to design a perfect and timeless kitchen on the first draft. Fortunately, you don’t have to. A Design-Build service wraps all the practical stages of kitchen renovation into a single service you can rely on. Start by working with an experienced kitchen designer who understands timeless design, The Golden Triangle, and long-term property value improvements with deep familiarity. They will help you transform your vision of the perfect kitchen renovation into a complete and lasting plan that will reward you and future residents long after today’s hot kitchen trends have been forgotten.

If you want your kitchen design to be as beautiful and functional in 2030 as it is today, working with a design-builder is the best place to start. To begin your work with a personal kitchen designer and professional build team, Contactez-nous today. We look forward to making your timeless kitchen remodel into a beautiful reality.

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