The Team

Carlyle Construction puts its team of 30 energetic professionals at your service, each of whom has around twenty years of experience. They provide outstanding customer service by offering you the best quality and exceptional craftsmanship. Carlyle Construction’s strategy of combining different expertise is the key to ensuring optimal efficiency, but its main asset remains its fully CMEQ, APCHQ and RBQ approved team (RBQ license no. 5754-5766-01).

Matt Tennant, general contractor, entrepreneur géneral

Matt Tennant

General Contractor, Partner & Founder

In 1992, Mr. Tennant started his construction and landscaping career in Calgary. He returned to Montreal 10 years later to pursue his dream of becoming a general contractor. In 2009 he received his RBQ general contractor’s licence #5754-5766-01 after acquiring experience under a number of masters in carpentry. He founded that same year Carlyle Construction Inc.

Mr. Tennant followed a two-year diploma to become a master electrician and received his CMEQ certification. He also obtained several training and certificates in engineering, project management and philosophy updating his skill set.

Today Mr. Tennant employs different trades and manages multiple sites. With vast knowledge and experience in the construction industry, he is a perfect fit for any project of medium to large scale, delivering the highest degree of excellence and outstanding customer service.

Matt is a senior project manager with 25 + years of experience in the construction industry who can make sure your project is delivered on time, on budget and with the highest quality.


Bill Karam

Bill Karam

Real Estate Consultant & Partner

M. Karam started his entrepreneurial career in the architecture and construction industry following a Masters degree in Interior Architecture and Design. Until his departure in 2013 he was managing a structure of 120 operational and administrative employees. M. Karam obtained his MBA degree from John Molson School of Business with a concentration in real estate strategies.

M. Karam believed that underperforming real estate can be optimized using architectural and project management efficiencies to improve financial performance and property value. He therefore developed the “Residential Rental Real Estate Value Creation Model” that identifies optimal decisions considered while investing in real estate.

As a Commercial Portfolio Manager at BMO Bank of Montreal, he was able to learn the key factors that affect the outcome of any real estate investment: financial, fiscal and credit structuring. He associatively developed with M. Laursen the financial valuation model used to analyze investment and exit strategies based on choice of real estate portfolios and investors’ profiles.

M. Karam is a real estate consultant who can optimize your property’s value by providing strategic recommendations and tailor-made turnkey solutions.



Mich Laursen

CAO, Real Estate Consultant & Partner

Mr. Laursen’s experience in the realm of business development spans well over a decade. Throughout his career, he has adeptly represented international companies, consistently augmenting his knowledge base and leveraging cutting-edge technological tools to effectively penetrate and cultivate emerging markets.

Upon the completion of his MBA at the John Molson School of Business in 2015, Mich initiated the development of an intricate financial valuation model. This model, meticulously crafted, delivers precise calculations for the return on his real estate investments. As a result, he was able to refine his real estate investment strategies.

In 2018 he joined Carlyle Construction to take care of the administration. Mich is driven by a vision of seamlessly integrating the transformational strategies to increase performance and client satisfaction. He firmly believes that this symbiosis is instrumental in facilitating clients to realize their real estate objectives with unparalleled precision and efficiency.

Miguel is capable of guiding you through the realization of your real estate projects while  minimizing risks associated with construction.


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