The Impact of Your Landscape Design on Your Home

Landscape design being drawn by an architect using colored pencils.

Landscape design plays a central role in your property, especially if it incorporates sustainability. Landscaping refers to the art of developing your space to maximize its functionality and enjoyment. With careful planning and thought, followed by proper installation and maintenance, your landscape can enhance your property’s value and the general quality of life for your […]

How to Plan a Landscaping Design That Balances Your Lifestyle and Long-Term ROI

Construction employee working on a home landscape, installing stone setters

There are three basic approaches to landscape design for a residential home. The first is the green lawn design with bordering flowerbeds and the occasional tree. This is a simple, no-risk approach often chosen by contract neighbourhood home builders. The second is highly stylised, showing off landscaping design and artist with little consideration for use […]

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