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Carlyle Construction's Advantage

Our Clients chose to work with Carlyle Construction as their Design-Build contractor because we offer the most cost-efficient way to deliver their build or remodel project. We streamline the construction process to deliver projects faster and with lower management fees. And, by dealing with one single entity, there is full and clear accountability.

Tell us about your project, objectives, needs and budget. We help you create a buildable version of your vision. One that fits your expectations and budget.

We guide you throughout the whole process. Our services streamline the back-and-forth of multiple design revisions that are costly and time consuming. We have the experience to identify potential issues early in the design phase and guide you to bring your project up to code, prepare detailed construction plans, get the engineer’s stamp and the city’s permit.

Budgeting is faster and more accurate because we know the intricacies of the construction process. We negotiate better prices with our subcontractors and suppliers without cutting corners.

During the construction, we coordinate the work of multiple trades, making sure the deliverables and the timeframe are met. Keeping close communication with the owner at all times.

And, while Change Orders are a fact of life in any construction project, they are substantially reduced when you work with Carlyle as your Design Build contractor.

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Design-Build Economic Benefit

design-build advantage

Design-Build has become the most popular method for construction projects

Owners like Design-Build because one company is responsible for the design and construction of their project. This method has gained popularity as it’s the most cost-efficient way to build or remodel. As a result, they enjoy from savings in management fees and time.

Design-Build focus on efficiency, collaboration and innovation under one roof. Moreover, it provides maximum flexibility and quality control.

All players always know what to execute with fewer unexpected costs and more value to our clients. Because one entity is responsible of the project, there is full accountability. No blame-shifting or finger pointing.

At Carlyle Construction, we offer fully integrated Design-Build services. We only work with trusted architects, engineers, designers, lobbyists and real estate consultants in Montréal to create spaces that meet your needs and budget.


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