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Home Addition and Conversion

When your needs change and you need more space, a home addition or converting a plex into a cottage is a great way to increase the its value and get the living area you need. We can help make your home more functional, spacious and beautiful.

Adding a story, a mezzanine, an attached home addition or converting your plex into a single family home should meet several criteria. You should take into account your municipal bylaws.

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What you should keep in mind before doing a Home Addition or Conversion

Every addition or conversion should be in harmony with the rest of your house and neighbourhood. It should be up to code. In many cases, other parts of your home will also need to be updated.

Every municipality is different. The rules and criteria for additions are complex and constantly updated. Getting the permits can be difficult and lengthy. Therefore, it is important that you get professional advice before spending money in the design.

home addition extension, extension de maison

Our Added Value for your Home Addition or Conversion Project

Our approach takes into account all of the above. We work closely with lobbyist to find what will most likely be accepted by the city before starting. Once we have a clear idea of what we are allowed to do, we work on the design to present the options that meet your needs and budget. As a result, we can shorten the time to get the permits and avoid additional costs.

We offer design-build solutions for your home addition or conversion. When you work with Carlyle, you get an extensive consultation to determine your needs. You also get professional advice on what adds resale value to your home and what doesn’t.

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Our Process

  • A thorough site inspection.
  • Extensive consultation and professional advice.
  • Municipal bylaws research.
  • Concept drawing for permit application.
  • Architectural drawings and engineer stamps.
  • Execution drawings with detail specifications.
  • Itemized budget.
  • Construction works and finishing.
  • Routine inspections and constant communication with your PM.
  • Final walk-through to ensure your total satisfaction.
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Our Difference

We only partner with trusted subcontractors and lobbyist that add value to our clients. As a result, you get the best service under one roof. 

To learn how what we can do for you contact us here.

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home addition, extension de maison
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