10 Ways to Consider Green Construction During Your Whole-Home Renovation

Couple speaking with a male contractor about their home renovation plans - planning for the use of sustainable green construction materials.

It’s becoming more apparent that humans are impacting our earth through their actions. Hence, many people are trying to be the solution by changing their behaviours. One of the many ways people are more eco-conscious is choosing greener ways to build or remodel their homes. So, if you are thinking about doing a home remodel and want […]

Beautiful and Ergonomic Accessibility Upgrades for Your Home

Male architect making a model of a house incorporating ergonomics and accessibility designs.

Custom home renovations have always provided unique value to homeowners. You can make the home more suited to your personal needs and aesthetic tastes while also increasing its value on the local home market; one beautiful upgrade at a time. Those with handicaps as well as accessibility concerns have a great deal to gain from […]

How Design-Build Teams Can Maximise the ROI of Your Home Renovations

Happy couple looking at blueprints for their home renovations.

The purpose of home renovations is to make it more inviting to live in and increase its market value. In fact, every renovation you make has the potential to boost the value of your home. Whether you sell next month or next decade, some renovations provide permanent value, and some provide value that blends into […]

Should You Upgrade Your Car Garage with an EV Charger?

EV charger - Person's hand plugging an EV charger into his electric vehicle.

With the ever-changing gasoline prices and the increasing need to preserve the environment, electric vehicles are gradually becoming prominent on our roads. Today, most of them can cover longer distances than yesteryear’s versions (the current driving range is between 120 and 220 kilometres). Many people are starting to embrace electric vehicles as the future of road […]

Home Renovation Project: 5 Reasons Why You Should Adhere to Building Codes

Couple discussing their home construction plans with a male architect.

Homeowners frequently engage contractors to conduct home renovation projects like roofing, change of air conditioning system, as well as basement improvements to enhance the value of their property. Equally, authorities change building and construction codes to keep up with technology, evolving safety standards, as well as the environment. As such, it’s critical to plan, design, as […]

Kitchen Design: Planning the Perfect Design in Mind

An architectural shot of a person working on a kitchen design, showing tablet, compass, and blueprints.

The kitchen is the centre of every home. The design and appearance of the kitchen define the personality of the entire home and the experience of living there. We’ve all lived somewhere with a poor kitchen design and seen kitchens that would be a dream to cook in. Finding your dream kitchen is often the selling point […]

House Design: Benefits of Design-Build vs Design-Bid-Build

Designer hand drafting a modern house design.

For those in the market for new house design and construction, there are several delivery methods available. The two most common methods are design-build and design-bid-build. Those are the two that we’ll be discussing today. Design-bid-build is the older way of doing things. Design-build came about in response to the demand for better quality, reduced […]

Renovation Projects: 8 Ways to Stay on Your Budget

A happy couple having an agreement with contractors about their renovation projects.

Renovation projects to help create your custom home can revolutionize your living space, but they are also a major undertaking. One of the most important things to focus on as you work on your renovation projects is staying on budget. Below are a few methods to use to stay within the financial limitations without having […]

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