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You might be thinking about acquiring an Electric Vehicle (EV) for multiple reasons. Maybe because of the environment, saving costs, government incentives just to name a few. The truth is that EVs are here to stay and they are coming fast.

Of course, one of the most important consideration before making the switch to an EV is its charger. A professionally installed EV charger is not only safe but it also adds value to your home. We offer professional EV Charger installation services. Get in touch with us for an estimate here.

When choosing a charger, there are some things to keep in mind. Charging stations vary on their output level. Meaning, how long it takes to fully charge your EV.

What are the EV Chargers Levels?

Basically, there are 3 Levels of EV chargers.

Level 1, is the most basic. Usually, it comes with the new vehicle when you buy it. Its installation is the simplest and less costly. Having said that, it is also the one that takes the longest for charging. If you drive 30 km per day, you will have to plug in your vehicle for 4 to 6 hours.

A Level 2 charger can charge the same vehicle in about an hour. They require a more advanced installation, but the investment can be well worth it.

The third type are DC chargers. These chargers are bigger and more expensive because they have an AC-DC transformer integrated. Therefore, they deliver higher power directly to the vehicle’s batteries. This shortens the charging time, as you don’t use your car’s integrated transformer. These are the type of super chargers we see at commercial stations only.

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Installation cost of an EV Charger

The three main things to consider when installing an EV Charger are: the type of charger (Level 1 or Level 2), the location of the charger and the installed capacity of your electric panel.

A Level 1 charger usually costs between $300 and $800 CAD, while labour and material will add another $800 to $1,500 CAD. A Level 2 charger can cost between $500 and $1,000 CAD, while labour and materials can be another $2,000 CAD.

The location of the charger in relation to the electric panel is also important. The length of the cable can set you back a few hundred dollars. And, if you have to run the cable through walls, you will also have to consider the additional labour and materials.

Finally, the installed capacity of your electric panel. If you have the installed capacity, a Level 2 charger will be able to deliver more power and charge your vehicle faster. If your panel does not have enough capacity, you will have to upgrade your panel. In many cases you will also need a permit.

Although, Level 2 chargers are a little more expensive, based on their faster charging they come as a better option.

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Chose Carlyle to install your EV Charger

We are certified electricians with a lot of experience installing EV Chargers. We guide you step by step, to make sure your installation is up to code and safe.

  1. Determine you have sufficient electrical service and space on your electric panel.
  2. Supply the right charger for your vehicle.
  3. Help you obtain an electrical permit.
  4. Take care of the installation of your new EV charger.

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